dr Lukasz Przysucha


Spis wystąpień na konferencjach:

„Acquiring Knowledge Using Crowdsourcing and AI: Participatory Budget and Related Risks”

Wiedeń, Austria


„Crowdsourcing and Sharing Economic in the Smart City Concept. Influence of the Idea on Development and Urban Resources”

Montreal, Kanada

AI4KMES in AIES 2021

„Crowdsourcing as a Tool Supporting Intra-city Communication”

Yokohama, Japonia


„Implementation of Crowdsourcing as an integral element of communication engineering in the Smart City concept”

Guyayaquil, Ekwador

CITIS 2020

„The Concept of Crowdsourcing in Knowledge Management in Smart Cities”

Macau, Chiny

IJCAI 2019

„Knowledge Management processes in Smart City - electronic tools supporting the exchange of information and knowledge among city residents”

Da Nang, Wietnam

ICIKM 2019

„Information management in the Smart City - electronic tools facilitating the management of the metropolitan area”

Kapsztad, Republika Południowej Afryki

ICII 2019

„Effective management of information processes with CMS in Smart City”

Sztokholm, Szwecja

AI4KM 2018

„Knowledge management in corporations – synergy between people and technology. Barriers and benefits of implementation”

Melbourne, Australia

IJCAI 2017

„Internet Platform for City Dwellers based on Open Source System”

Nowy Jork, USA

IJCAI 2016

„Business strategy of small enterprise by the example of “Golden Group INC”

Ontario, Kanada

Western University 2015

„Content Management Systems Based on GNU GPL License as a Support of Knowledge Management in Organizations and Business”

Buenos Aires, Argentyna

IJCAI 2015